Laguiole en Aubrac knife 2 pieces 12 cm corkscrew Mammoth Ivory handle 2 Shiny stainless steel Bolsters

Laguiole en Aubrac knife 2 pieces 12 cm corkscrew Mammoth Ivory handle 2 Shiny stainless steel Bolsters


Laguiole en Aubrac knife with 2 shiny stainless steel bolsters
Mammoth Ivory handle
With corkscrew
Forged bee
Handcarved spring
stainless steel Bolsters
Blade 12C27MOD
Length of the knife closed: 12 cm
Length of the blade : 10 cm
Length of the open knife: 22 cm

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Estimated delivery date 06/03/2024
couteau laguiole en aubrac 2 pieces 12cm tire-bouchon avec manche ivoire de mammouth


Availability: In stock

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The handles made of materials of animal origin are meticulously shaped by the cutlery artisans. Mammoth ivory is a choice and exceptional material.
The blade, the hand-guilloché spring, the forged and finely chiseled bee, the massive shiny stainless steel bolsters and the nails are made and shaped at the Laguiole en Aubrac forge.

The term “mammoth ivory” refers to the inside of the mammoth tusk as opposed to the crust which is the outer layer of the mammoth tusk.
Fossil mammoth ivory tusks have been salvaged from frozen mammoth carcasses for thousands of years.
Mammoth ivory is highly prized for its pearly white appearance and beautiful veining.

Each mammoth ivory Laguiole knife is unique due to the natural variations of the material, it is durable over time.

Finally, the use of mammoth ivory is perfectly legal, as it is a fossil material.
Its rarity and history also give it great added value.
This Laguiole knife with a mammoth ivory handle is the perfect accessory for lovers of high-end knives and rare collector’s items.

A shepherd’s cross on the left side of the knife comes to sublimate it.

Please note, we use materials of natural origin and we draw your attention to the fact that the appearance of our products may vary for the same support.
This is what makes each finished product different.
Our photos are therefore not contractual.

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Composition of the Knife

Animal material handle

Size of the handle







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