Buying Guide and Tips

Buying Guide and Tips

How to choose the right Laguiole knife?

The elements to take into account at first are rather oriented according to your needs or the needs of the person to whom you are going to offer it.

1 piece or 2 pieces model ?

You have the choice between a Laguiole 1 piece classic knife or 2 pieces, the latter being equipped with a corkscrew on the top of the handle.

The original Laguiole knife was a 1 piece knife, purists often prefer this version because the shape of the Laguiole knife is preserved with purity.
Historically, the corkscrew was added to the knife around 1880 following the rise in Paris of the Rouergats to practice the profession of lemonade maker.

It is therefore important to think about the usefulness or not of the corkscrew because the grip of the knife is different than with a simple knife.

Laguiole Traditionnal knife 2 pieces with corkscrew
Couteau Forge de Laguiole Manche en Olivier avec Tire Bouchon 2 pièces Inox Brossé 12 cm
Laguiole Traditionnal knife 1 piece without corkscrew

What size ?

It is suitable for a folding Laguiole knife to choose the size of the handle,8,9, 10, 11, 12, or 13,14 cm for very large ones.
You should know that the size indicated represents the size of the closed knife, i.e. the handle of your Laguiole knife.

Laguiole knife sizes

10 cm closed = handle 10 cm and a blade of 8.5 cm or 18.5 cm open
12 cm closed = handle 12 cm and a blade of 10 cm or 22 cm open
14 cm closed = handle 14 cm and a blade of 12 cm or 26 cm open

The most common being the 12 cm which generally suits both men and women.
It is an ideal size for everyday and easy use.

For the smallest hands the 10 cm will be perfect and will slip perfectly into a pocket or a small handbag or a satchel.
It is often associated with a more feminine knife.

The large knives (13 and 14 cm) will be suitable for larger hands, they provide a good grip.


What material and finish ?

 All our knives are shaped, chiseled and handcarved with taste and refinement in various noble and natural materials, selected with care and attention by the cutlers.
Whether mineral, vegetable or animal, the materials are of very high quality and ensure an exceptional finish once passed through the expert hands of our craftsmen.

Many possibilities are available to you both in the materials and in the finishes of your Laguiole knife.

Indeed, once you have made your choice of material, you can also choose the finish, with bolsters, without bolsters, with a central bolster, a double plate, colored spacers, a carved or spiral spring or a special fly!.. ..

Do not hesitate to browse our section composition of a knife to help you in your choices.

The more elaborate and personalized your knife is, the more expensive it will be, but the less it will be seen !!
We can also go further in your customization by offering to laser engrave your Laguiole knife according to your expectations.

Once you have selected your knife, you will find our font proposals for your text, symbols and the place of your engraving according to the model chosen.

So you can create a knife in your image or in the image of the one to whom you will offer it!

Of course, Richard and Véronique remain at your disposal using the Chat to refine your choice and answer your questions.

Buying tips Watch out for Laguioles that aren't!

How to recognize a real Laguiole knife made by hand in the area of origin ?


Laguiole is the name of a village located in the Aubrac region of France. Laguiole knives have been made there since the 19th century.

This is why today, it is important to make the difference between a good and a bad Laguiole knife, but ESPECIALLY between an authentic Laguiole and a copy.

To be sure of the authenticity of a Laguiole, check the exact provenance, the duration of the guarantee, the quality of the materials and the quality of the finish. There are many mediocre quality imported products sold under the “Laguiole Veritable” stamp.

Indeed, we are unfortunately witnessing a resurgence of new merchant sites (shops, large retailers or websites) which have no scruples in selling Laguiole knives manufactured outside France and/or industrially at unbeatable prices !!

Indeed, we are unfortunately witnessing a resurgence of new merchant sites (shops, large retailers or websites) which have no scruples in selling Laguiole knives manufactured outside France and/or industrially at unbeatable prices !

There are many manufacturers, essentially based on two production sites: in the Laguiole area of origin, the cradle of the first knives, then in Thiers, the capital of French cutlery. In each zone, there are different types of factories:

Industrial, with mechanical adjustment and guillochage and chain assembly.

Artisanal, where all the assembly steps are carried out by one and the same person, with manual guilloché work on forged springs and adjustment on sight (thus, each piece that passes through the hands of the craftsman is unique).

The best is to buy your Laguiole at the right price because there is no miracle, if you buy an inexpensive product, you can be sure that the finish will be poor.

The price of a Laguiole knife is essentially due to the quality of the materials, the quality of the finish and the time spent making each knife!

Laguiole en Aubrac has the particularity of having its own carpentry workshop which allows it to work with wood, bone, horn and mammoth ivory delivered in its raw state and to select the most noble parts. .

She does not use any varnish on the handles in order to preserve the patina and the natural aspect of these materials.

It is important to buy your Laguiole knife on a trusted and referenced site.

Thus, the site was created in 1997 and gives satisfaction to thousands of customers daily in France and around the world.

Our Laguiole knives come with a certificate.

Richard and Véronique are at your disposal on to answer your questions and to advise you before your purchase so that your satisfaction is complete, which is essential for us ! 

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