Sommelier Laguiole en Aubrac in Stone Turquoise

Sommelier Laguiole en Aubrac in Stone Turquoise


Sommelier Laguiole en Aubrac
Handle: Stone Turquoise
Forged fly
Twist corkscrew 5 turns
Bottle opener knife with tab
Bright stainless steel finish
Length: 12cm
Weight: 118 grams

Availability: In stock

Estimated delivery date 12/12/2023
Sommelier Laguiole en Aubrac en Pierre Turquoise


Availability: In stock

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The Laguiole en Aubrac sommelier, crafted in turquoise stone, stands out as an exceptional piece in the world of oenological instruments. Every detail of this creation demonstrates elite cutlery know-how.
The turquoise stone, meticulously integrated, gives the instrument an incomparable singularity, evoking the very essence of elegance.
Its finely chiseled steel blade and its precision corkscrew are eloquent examples of the artisanal quality that characterizes the Laguiole en Aubrac house.

The turquoise stone embodies indisputable beauty and unique properties. Its striking blue-green color, often dotted with dark veins, makes it a sought-after gem in the world of jewelry and crafts. Its rarity on the market makes it a precious gem, valued for its singularity and brilliance. The versatile use, whether in jewelry, sculpture or the creation of artisanal objects, makes it a stone appreciated by creators and collectors around the world. Each piece of turquoise is a unique piece, carrying with it the nuances and textures of its provenance. In summary, turquoise stands out as a stone of great quality, combining natural beauty with deep cultural and spiritual meaning, crossing the ages with brilliance and respect.

The Laguiole en Aubrac sommelier in turquoise stone embodies the perfect alliance between exceptional craftsmanship and natural beauty, offering a unique experience to the most demanding wine lovers and professionals.

Weight 0,600 kg


Mineral material handle







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