Pipe Tool Calumet Forge de Laguiole Buffalo

Pipe Tool Calumet Forge de Laguiole Buffalo


Pipe Tool Forge de Laguiole
Size closed: 10 cm
Handle : Buffalo
2 bolsters (including 1 tray for pressing tobacco): Shiny stainless steel
Scraper Blade: Shiny Stainless Steel
Blade size : 6 cm
Cure Pipe: Shiny Stainless Steel
Size of Cure Pipe : 6 cm
Delivered with a leather box

Availability: In stock

Estimated delivery date 01/03/2024
Pipe Tool Calumet Forge de Laguiole Buffalo


Availability: In stock

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The Laguiole buffalo horn pipe tamper is a high-quality piece of craftsmanship with a natural and authentic aesthetic.

Made from buffalo horn, this pipe tamper is the result of meticulous work. Buffalo horn offers density and durability, making it an ideal material for this purpose. Additionally, it displays a natural variation in shades, ranging from deep black to light brown, adding an organic touch to the item.

The Laguiole pipe tamper is designed to evenly pack the tobacco in the pipe, ensuring an even burn and an optimal smoking experience. The ergonomic shape of the tamper allows for a comfortable and efficient grip.

By choosing a Laguiole buffalo horn pipe tamper, you are acquiring an accessory that combines refined aesthetics with superior functionality. It is an item that reflects a commitment to quality craftsmanship and the preservation of traditions. Each use of this pipe tamper is a celebration of the art of smoking a pipe with elegance and authenticity.

Weight 0,200 kg
Animal material handle





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