Laguiole en Aubrac Sommelier Stag Horn

Laguiole en Aubrac Sommelier Stag Horn


Laguiole en Aubrac Corkscrew
Handle: Stag Horn
forged bee
brushed stainless steel finish
Length: 12 cm
Weight: 118 grs

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Estimated delivery date 06/03/2024


Availability: In stock

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The Laguiole en Aubrac sommelier with deer antler handle is a truly exceptional piece, combining Laguiole craftsmanship with the natural beauty of deer horn.

The use of deer horn for the handle of the Laguiole en Aubrac sommelier adds a rustic and authentic touch to this sommelier. The horn’s unique patterns and textures create a one-of-a-kind piece, as no two handles are exactly the same. The brushed stainless steel finish blends perfectly with animal materials and particularly deer antlers, and gives a high quality and very aesthetic result.

The Laguiole en Aubrac sommelier is a high-quality tool, recognized for its precision and ease of use. It is loved by wine enthusiasts and professionals for its reliable performance. Owning goes beyond acquiring a simple functional tool: it is owning a work of art that pays homage to both the natural world and the skill of the artisan. Each use is a celebration of craftsmanship, nature and the appreciation of good wine.

Deer antler is a popular material for knife or sommelier handles due to its strength and unique aesthetic.

Finally, the Laguiole en Aubrac sommelier in deer antler is customizable, on the lever but also on the spring!!

Antler refers to the antlers or horns that grow on the heads of male deer.

After the breeding season, deer shed their antlers. Once the molt is complete, new antlers begin to grow back. These antlers are composed primarily of bone tissue and are covered in a substance called velvet, which provides nutrients as they grow. Antler size depends on several factors, including the age, health and nutrition of the deer. Deer antlers are often associated with symbols of strength, virility and majesty, due to their imposing size and their role in combat between males. Molting is a natural process and essential for the health and well-being of deer. It allows animals to adapt to seasonal changes and ensure their survival in variable environments.

deer antler shedding

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Animal material handle







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