Complete Kit Thiers Issard White Acrylic Straight Razor (8 pieces)

Complete Kit Thiers Issard White Acrylic Straight Razor (8 pieces)


Composition of the kit:

1 hollow razor sounding 5/8
Hunting Acrylic White
Handle length 14cm
Closed razor length with hook 16 cm
Useful length of the blade 7.5 cm
Blade width 18 mm
Back width 5 mm
Weight: 50g
Blade 1196 275 both sides polished satin
C135 Forged Carbon Steel
Anti-slip notching on the underside of the tang

1 White Acrylic Handle Shaving Brush
1 Alum stone of 100 g in a box
1 Aloe Vera Beard Soap
1 Stainless Steel Shaving Bowl 9.3 cm
1 Lid diameter 9.3 cm to close the bowl
1 Razor Leather for blade maintenance
1 Tube of razor paste 10g for polishing the blade

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Estimated delivery date 25/04/2024
Complete Kit Thiers Issard White Acrylic Straight Razor (8 pieces)


Availability: In stock

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1/ With shaving soap:
Your face being wet beforehand (ideally after showering),
Quickly run your shaving brush under lukewarm water and emulsify the soap inside the bowl (without crushing the bristles) until you obtain a thick, creamy lather.
Apply to the face in circular motions for one or two minutes to soften and straighten your beard hair sufficiently.

2/ With shaving cream:
Once your face has been prepared and the shaving brush moistened with lukewarm water, place a dab of cream on the top of the brush and soap the face for one to two minutes as described above.
Some users prefer to deposit, directly with the tube, a trace of cream on each cheek which they will then emulsify with the brush.


To preserve the qualities of your beard brush for many years, we recommend rinsing it well after each use, to remove all traces of cream or soap and to drain it.
Then rub it lightly on a bath towel before storing it, upside down, on a suitable support.



Modern material handle

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